Meet The Staff: Our Job Coach, Emily!

Hi everyone! My name is Emily K. and I have been working with Bridges Employment Services & Training for 6 months now. I am a Job Coach, therefore I accompany and observe individual clients work to see where their strengths and room for improvement exist, to better help them improve with their work, soft skills, and confidence. I also meet with clients to practice interviews with them so they are more prepared when they arrive at competitive work readiness. After we have the interviewing down I help them find jobs they are interested in and fill out applications. An additional task of Job Coaches is accompanying clients on 'Informational Interviews', going out into the community to specific job sites to talk to experts in the field about the job they are interested in to see the type of work that they do there and what kind of school/training they need to enter that field.

Since the start of my Job Coaching career, I have had many experience with different clients but my favorite is when I see significant improvement with my client from start of process to finish, with them not giving up and continuing to push themselves to do better. One thing I struggle with is remembering not to feel bad when I'm not helping them with each individual task while completing an assessment or work-based learning experience, because your duty as a job coach is to observe and see what they're struggling with, give them helpful tips and prompts, but ultimately allow the client to complete work on their own, leaving room for personal growth and learning.

I love working at Bridges because I have a huge heart for those with disabilities. Every client has taught me a unique lesson, whether it’s something big or small. I love being able to see the changes these clients make while working with them over a course of time. They make me look at life differently and remind me to always keep a smile on my face. Some people may assume that those with disabilities are less capable than they actually are, but I'm sure every single one of them will prove you wrong and show you how great they can work independently.

The employees at Bridges are welcoming and always make you feel a like a part of the mission. One thing I would suggest if you ever work with someone who has a disability is to be patient. Also, keep your mind open and believe in them because every person is different and works in their own way.

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